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Geotechnical investigations are essential for the design of new constructions and to rule out damage or defects in already built structures. A previous investigation guarantees a safe construction and helps reduce the foundation costs, eliminating any possible surprises of the soil.

A geotechnical report consists of three parts: the field test (sampling), the laboratory analysis and the report, an exhaustive document with all the conclusions of the study and precise recommendations according to the needs of each project (subsequent foundation, stability of slopes, etc.). The price of a geotechnical report is calculated based on the contracted parties. In general, we usually elaborate complete reports.

  • Geotechnical reports. They are in demand for industrial and residential construction, linear works (roads, pipelines...), all kinds of civil works, drinking and residual water treatment plants, treatment, and protection of slopes...
m² explored
  • Topographic surveys. These terrain studies are carried out with specialized techniques and instruments. The report reflects the delimitation of the plot and the particularities of the land (composition, heights, relief...).
Topographic surveys
  • Sampling for contaminated soils. They are requested for the evaluation of the environmental impact due to an accidental spill, for example. But it is also an administrative or legal requirement for the start of an industrial activity.
Samples analyzed

Build over safe ground

«Geotechnical guarantees are not optional. We are risking security."

Carrying out a soil investigation and preparing the relevant geotechnical report is one of the most invisible jobs that exist on a construction site. But at the same time, key to building on insurance. If the job has been well done, no one will pay attention to the ground. If it has been omitted, sooner or later it will come out and make it clear that we cannot play with security.

Geotechnical guarantees allow you to optimize your work budget and avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. Our advice is to remember them before building, and not when it is too late.

This is how we work at Ingeom

We take care of all the previous technical and environmental requirements of a project so that it can start in the shortest possible time.
We expedite all the paperwork

We process and present to the Administration all permits and technical and environmental documentation prior to a work.

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INGEOM is a company specialized in geotechnical, hydrogeological, and geological studies.
We provide services mainly in western Andalusia and Extremadura, although we operate throughout Spain in on-demand projects.